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  • Test Prep - GATE handles it.
  • Financial Aid - GATE simplifies it.
  • Application Strategy - GATE explains it.
  • College Selection - GATE guides it.
  • Saves Time & Money - GATE does it.

    Designed by experts, GATE helps them secure acceptance and earn financial aid that you never have to repay.

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    College Admissions &
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    We in the homeschool community have seen too much confusion, anxiety and pressure among college-bound teens. When our kids are nervous, they’re often unprepared to get a competitive score on the SAT® or ACT® college entrance exams. GATE means no more guesswork — just an easy-to-follow road map with test prep, admissions support, GPA support and essays support all included.

    “GATE is completely different and innovating way for kids to study. It’s like a game for them.”

    Cheryl B. - Mom

    GATE College System Student

    “My favorite part about GATE is that I can just use it on my phone wherever I need to. It’s also fun!”

    Lily B. - Student

    Designed with You in Mind

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    Knowledge = power to help them stay on track.

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    We stand behind the quality of GATE College System 100%. We know it provides the essential help for college bound teens to improve acceptances and increase merit aid. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee that gives you time to experience the quality for yourself. If you need to return it for any reason, we’ll happily provide you with a full refund within 30-days from the enroll date. See Terms and Conditions here.

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    Imagine your son or daughter’s gratitude when you equip them for success — and so affordably you’ll still have plenty of money left over to get those dorm furnishings and supplies!

    Their Future is Waiting.

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    We made GATE affordable for every family, too.

    Because we know that you can’t afford to NOT have it. So open the GATE to your future-today!

    Pamela Donnelly

    Homeschooling Mom & Founder of GATE

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    Don't Risk the 10 Costliest Mistakes

    Access Your Exclusive Guide Now

    GATE eBook - 10 Costliest Mistakes

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